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Handheld Distance Laser Meters

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STANLEY® FatMax® TruLaser™ TLM Series Distance Measurers

- a new lower cost, accurate laser measurer! 

Stanley has added the Stanley® FatMax® TruLaser™ TLM Series Distance Measurers to its premium line of FatMax® tools. These long-distance laser measuring devices are the first tools developed with true laser measuring capabilities and priced to make the advantages of laser distance measuring available to a broad group of consumers.

Fast, accurate, and suited for every-day measuring tasks often performed by Real Estate Agents, small contractors, and the Do-it-Yourselfer. 

(Manufactured for STANLEY® by Leica Geosystems)

SWISS Technology

   by Leica Geosystems

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Price: $99.00


TLM 200 - Buy Here & SAVE!
Price: $249.00


TLM 300 - Buy Here & SAVE!
Price: $449.00



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STANLEY® FatMax® TruLaser Comparison Chart  ------

Technical Data

TLM 100

TLM 200

TLM 300

Measuring Accuracy

± 1/4 in (± 6mm)

± 1/8th in (± 3mm)

± 3/32nd in (± 1.5mm)


2ft - 100 ft
(0.6 - 30m)

1ft - 100ft
(0.3 - 30m)

2in - 650ft
(0.05 - 200m)

Units of Measure

Metric, ft 1/8th in,

ft/100ths, in/10ths

Metric, ft 1/8th in,

ft/100ths, in/10ths

Metric, ft 1/8th in,

ft/100ths, in/10ths

Laser Class, Type
Class IIIA, 630-690 nm
Class 2M, 635 nm
Class 2M, 635 nm

Distance, Area, Volume


Addition & Subtraction

Continuous Measuring



Min/Max Distance Tracking


Indirect Height/Length


Pythagoras Function:


Pythagoras Function

2-Point, 3-Point

Built-in Telescopic 2X Viewer


Built-in Bubble Level


Time Delay Release

Universal Tripod Mount


Splash proof/

Dust proof (IP 54)


Multifunction End Piece


Backlit Display


Memory Storage
20 Values
Measuring Reference

Front, Rear

Front, Rear

Front, Rear, Tripod, End Piece

Keyboard Type


Foil Keypad


Wrist Strap


Holster w/Belt Loop

Operating Temperature
41°F  to  +122°F
(+5°C  to  +50°C)
-14°F  to  +122°F
(-10°C  to  +50°C)
-14°F  to  +122°F
(-10°C  to  +50°C)
Storage Temperature
-22°F  to  +158°F
(-30°C  to  +70°C)
-13°F  to  +158°F
(-25°C  to  +70°C)
-13°F  to  +158°F
(-25°C  to  +70°C)

Battery Life

(no. of measurements)

up to 2,000

up to 5,000

up to 10,000

Battery Type (Qty)

9V  (1)

AAA  (2)

AA  (2)

Manufacture’s Warranty

1 Year

1 Year

2 Years

List Price

-----     -----     703-635-6441     -----


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