- Leica DISTO Laser Glasses to increase visibility of the laser in bright light conditions. Works with DISTO and STANLEY Laser Meters. Buy Here! - DISTO™ and STANLEY® Laser Meters for Distance, Area and Volume Measuring.  


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Laser Vision Enhancement Glasses (DISTO Laser Glasses)

Laser Glasses for bright light conditions

Price: $16.00

(Free Shipping)

Item No: LVG


If you're having difficulty seeing the laser in bright sunlight, these Laser Vision Enhancement Glasses will help solve your problem. The Laser Glasses have red lenses which makes the laser dot very easy to see.  NOT NECESSARY for indoor measuring but does help in brightly lit or sun-washed rooms.

•  Better visability in bright light conditions
•  Adjustable frames
•  Comfortable also for use over normal glasses

Works with all DISTO™ and STABILA® Laser Meters. 

Also works well with HILTI, TRIMBLE, BOSCH, STANLEY and any other laser measuring and laser alignment/leveling devices casting a red laser beam.

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